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4/10/14 KNBA News - Senate Finance passes a $2.1 billion budget

The Senate Finance Committee's $2.1 billion budget includes $145 million for a new heating system for the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and $2.1 for a road linking King Cove to Cold Bay. It doesn't include $10 million for the Susitna dam project that Administration was seeking.

Some subsistence fishermen are calling for a temporary halt to fishing on the Yukon River after the state has forecast abysmal returns of king salmon.

Bristol Bay leaders say they're disappointed Sen. Lisa Murkowski has signed on to a bill that would restrict EPA from blocking permits until applications have been filed, which the Senator calls a pre-emptive veto.

Anchorage Police are increasing efforts to reduce traffic violations on the Glen Hwy.

The IRS is promoting its free IRS-2-Go phone app as an easy way for taxpayers to get help, see tax records, and check on the status of their tax returns.