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Neighbors in Hyder, Alaska, and Stewart, B.C., ask Canada to ease border restrictions

At the southeastern tip of Alaska’s panhandle lies the curious town of Hyder. It’s grown naturally alongside its Canadian neighbor of Stewart, B.C. It has a 250 area code, electricity from B.C. Hydro and its only road access is through Canada’s highway system. It’s separated by 7,000-foot snow-capped peaks from the rest of the state. So its connection with the rest of Alaska is limited. “There’s about 65 of us. The only way we get supplies is through a mail plane that comes in from Ketchikan...

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Researchers from the University of Alaska Fairbanks began looking at big changes to one of the state’s biggest glaciers. It’s melting so rapidly that it could create a new bay north of Yakutat.

What’s happening at the Malaspina Glacier may be the largest landscape transformation underway in the United States.

In secret recordings, Pebble Mine execs say Donlin Mine is too expensive to build

Sep 29, 2020

An environmental group released secretly recorded video clips on Sept. 21, of Pebble Mine executives saying that Donlin Gold can’t afford to build its gold mine in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The executives said that there might be a way for Donlin to reduce its costs if the companies work together to connect the two Southwest Alaska mining projects by building a road through the tundra. 

Online Gwich’in Gathering takes action against Alaskan oil drilling

Sep 28, 2020

With the Trump administration seeking to open up Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to industry, Gwich’in communities throughout North America gathered online to reaffirm their commitment in the fight for caribou.  

Gwich’in leaders across the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Alaska from Sept. 24-26 used a Zoom conference to provide updates on happenings across the Gwich’in nation.

Missing Nome woman is 'loving' and 'stubborn,' her friends and family say

Sep 28, 2020

Florence Okpealuk, a 33-year-old Nome woman, went missing at the end of August.

Since then, the community, police and the FBI have been looking for clues about her disappearance.

Her name is Florence, but friends call her “Flo.” It’s hard for Lucille Weyapuk to pick just three words to describe her friend Flo.

“Humorous, you know… sophisticated, encouraging, loving, friendly, gosh! You name it!" Lucille Weyapuk said.

State funding dries up for Southeast Alaska hatchery king salmon programs

Sep 25, 2020

The state of Alaska has told hatchery operators in Southeast Alaska it is ending a program that provides funding for king and coho salmon production. That announcement leaves the future of the Crystal Lake Hatchery on southern Mitkof Island near Petersburg up in the air.

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