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Submitting a PSA

Basics for writing a Public Service or Event Announcement

  • Who:  Name of Organization
  • What: Event/activity name
  • When and location: Date/Time and Address
  • For More Information: Web address or phone number, that the PUBLIC can contact

Message: The body of your PSA message should briefly incorporate (About 75 words) the who, what, where and when information. Include relevant contact information and phone numbers. Very Important: Make sure you specify if your organization is a non-profit organization that serves the public. Listeners will likely connect first with the title of the event and date. Make sure they know where to go for more information and more of your whole story!

KNBA rules for Public Service (PSA) or Event Announcements

  • Announcements are Free to submit to be considered for the Live-Read Events Calendar, weekday’s from 6 to 9 a.m., and from 3 to 6 p.m.
  • Programming Director will determine and prioritize Calendar Announcements by: KNBA Mission goals; non-profit vs for profit; events & activities vs general year-round services; target audience interest; and date of event/activity.
  • Submitted script/copy is edited to fit length (15 seconds) and for call-to-action guidelines per non-commercial radio rules.
  • PSA's/Events should be submitted 2 weeks before a date specific activity.
  • Submission does not guarantee that an announcement will receive air time and No affidavits of air time will be provided to organizations.
  • No announcements for political fundraising, political campaigning, activist demonstrations or general services/membership of religious groups.

Send a PSA for the live-read studio calendar to

Community Advisory Board Pro-Bono Program

The KNBA Community Advisory Board annually recommends up to five local organizations to be offered a pro-bono, pre-recorded, general service PSA message to run on-air on KNBA throughout a 6-8 month period. Messages air primarily in evening and overnight programming with no guarantee of frequency or specific placement. Messages are voiced by station staff or members of the CAB. Messages are pre-approved by the organization before airing. The CAB's process for selecting an organization is driven by KNBA’s mission and service to community. Organizations must be non-profit.

For more information on the CAB Pro-Bono Program, contact Loren Dixon by email at

Talk with KNBA about a set rotation and schedule for a Message

Organizations wishing to have a message aired during a specific hour (day-part) or a set number of times (rotation) may contact the Director of Corporate Support to see a rate sheet for our Enhanced Public Service Announcements or Underwriting Messages.

For mor information, contact Larry Cleland by phone (907)793-3500, or email