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Community Advisory Board

Community Advisory Board (updated 5/10/24)

  • Darlene Kawennano:ron 
  • John Jackson
  • Wesley Goodwin
  • Gregory Nothstine


The Community Advisory Board (CAB) meets regularly to review programming goals established by the station, service provided by the station, and significant policy decisions rendered by the station that relate to meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served by KNBA, 90.3 FM. The CAB represents the diverse needs and interests of the communities served. CAB meetings are open to the public.

KNBA CAB Structure and Selection Process

KNBA prioritizes membership selection based on our mission to be the leader in bringing Native voices to Alaska. The Community Advisory Board consists of a maximum of 9 members, minimum attendance of 5 for meetings to be official.   Sitting CAB members nominate a CAB chair, approved and confirmed by KBC Board of Directors. The CAB Chair is responsible for representing the Community Advisory Board at Koahnic Broadcast Corporation Board of Director's meetings, the Chair opens and closes CAB meetings and leads discussions. KNBA Program Director manages meeting announcements, communications and station reports.  CAB members that consistently miss meetings may be dismissed and replaced as per the CAB chair's direction. CAB members serve a 3-year term after which they can be approved for continued service or released. Any person in the community may request participation on the CAB by using the self-nomination process found online.  Sitting CAB members review nomination requests as seats become available.  The CAB chair takes nominee/s and submits to the KBC Board of Directors for final approval.

What is a CAB?

A CAB is a board established to review the programming goals established by a station, the service provided by a station, and the significant policy decisions rendered by a CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) funded public broadcast station, and to advise the station on how it serves the educational and cultural needs of its coverage area.  A CAB may not exercise control over the daily management or operation of the station.

Mission Statement:

  • Koahnic Broadcast Corporation is the leader in bringing Native voices to Alaska and the nation.

KNBA Programming Goals and Values:

  • KNBA will provide listeners with a broadcast service that is friendly, informal, and positive in spirit, while maintaining the high standards of technical and programming excellence.
  • The KNBA Program schedule will be prioritized by 1) Programming that creates a sustainable level of local membership support 2) Alaska Native / Native American programs and subject matter 3)  locally produced programming
  • KNBA will recognize community diversity on its airwaves through service and programs.
  • KNBA is committed to volunteerism as an element in its programming.
  • KNBA will actively solicit and utilize input by members of the community in its decision-making through our Community Advisory Board.


Meetings are held 4 times per year at KNBA. CAB meetings are open to the public. Announcements of the meetings are made on air and online prior to the meetings.

To Join the Community Advisory Board

Interested in serving on KNBA's Community Advisory Board? The KNBA CAB has 9 member positions with 3-year terms.  If you would like to be considered, please review and complete the following application, and send all related documents to in an email with the subject line "KNBA Community Advisory Board Application".

Interested in serving Koahnic Broadcast Corporation in another capacity?
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