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8/1/14 KNBA News - Fishermen ask federal agencies to take over Kuskokwim fisheries management

In a work session Wednesday, the Federal Subsistence Board discussed but did not act on a proposal that federal agencies take over management of the Kuskokwim River coho salmon fishery. The board is awaiting an in-depth analysis and recommendations on the issue from the Office of Subsistence Management. The board does support the state's suspension of commercial fishing periods, according to a press release. The request came after long closures of king salmon fisheries, and smaller than expected returns of red and silver salmon. Read more at:

Alaskans are headed the wrong way when it comes to health, according to a report released by the state of Alaska and Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. Alaska rates more poorly than the U.S. population as a whole in nearly all categories. The report covers causes of death, causes of illness and injury, behaviors that increase health risks, access to health services, and socioeconomic factors such as levels of poverty and education. It outlines how Alaskans rated in 2011 and 2012 in areas such as heart disease, cancer, unintentional injury, overweight and obesity, alcohol and tobacco use, child neglect and abuse, infant mortality, prevention, access to medical care, and disparities related to race, age, geographic location, income and level of education. A report coordinator notes 40% of health outcomes are related to choices about behavior in areas such as activity levels, alcohol and tobacco use, use of seat belts, and childhood vaccinations. See the report at: