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3/12/15 - State Senate votes to eliminate daylight savings time

State Senate votes to eliminate daylight saving time

The Alaska State Senate has voted overwhelmingly to eliminate daylight saving time in the state. The bill now goes to the House. The bill would stop the state from springing forward beginning in 2017. Sens. Dennis Egan, Bert Stedman, Berta Gardner and Johnny Ellis opposed the bill.


Senate Finance Committee hears testimony: We vote to make marijuana legal, not a controlled substance

The Senate Finance Committee has heard strong opposition to the latest version of a bill that would change criminal statutes related to marijuana. The Senate Finance version makes marijuana a controlled substance with a "non-applicability" clause that legalizes certain activities. Members of the public told the committee that when they voted for legalization of recreational marijuana in November, they expected the substance would no longer be on Alaska's controlled substance list.


Tribe, village corporation disagree over gold mine near Nondalton

Interest in a potential gold and copper deposit near Nondalton has put the village’s tribe and corporation at odds. As KDLG’s Matt Martin reports, Nondalton’s village corporation Kijik has entered into an agreement to explore the Groundhog claims, and that doesn’t sit well with all shareholders.


Lead mushers in the Iditarod Sled-dog Race are headed to Huslia

In the Iditarod Sled-dog Race, three mushers have gone through the Galena checkpoint and are on their way to Huslia. Those three are:

1.      Aaron Burmeister

2.      Jeff King

3.      Ally Zirkle

Mushers who have left Ruby and are on their way to Galena include:

4.      Martin Buser

5.      Jessie Royer

6.      Hugh Neff

7.      Dallas Seavey

8.      Wade Marrs

9.      Thomas Warner

10.  Ken  Anderson