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12/4/14 - Royal relief for oil company; Sealaska land bill; Seal, Walrus gut rain coats


Gov. Bill Walker's administration is reviewing a proposal to offer temporary royalty relief to an oil development company. Supporters say the move could cost the state more than $40 million but bring in a billion dollars plus over the life of the planned project.

If Caelus Energy Alaska is successful, oil is expected to flow from the tough-to-develop Nuna project for 30 years. But Democratic Rep. Les Gara, said as it is, the state will receive little to no production-tax value from the field under the tax overhaul passed in 2013. Alaska Dispatch News reports the public comment period on the proposal is set to close Dec. 12.
A proposal that would finalize land claims for a southeast Alaska Native regional corporation has been added to a federal defense authorization bill. Sen. Lisa Murkowski's office says the bill includes provisions that would provide Sealaska Corporation with over 70,000 acres owed to Southeast Natives under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

As KSKA's Ann Hillman reports,  three  skin sewers are demonstrating the art of making rain coats using seal or walrus intestines. Sewer Mary Tunuchuk , who has been making the rain coats for some 50 years, explains how they save lives by keeping the wearer warm in Arctic and sub-Arctic conditions.