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4/30/14 KNBA News - BP pipeline spews oily mist over 27 acres of North Slope tundra

BP is working to assess repairs needed to a leaky North Slope pipeline that sprayed natural gas and water containing crude oil over 27 acres of snow-covered tundra.

Gov. Sean Parnell says he was concerned about charges of misconduct in the Alaska National Guard in 2010, but lacked the specific information needed to act until this February, when he called for a federal investigation.

Both the Anchorage and Alaska chambers of commerce say they had nothing to do with ads the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has running attacking Sen. Mark Begich and supporting Republican candidate Dan Sullivan, whose brother is on the U.S. Chamber's board of directors.

Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, who has researched happiness in cultures around the world, says research shows Inuit in Greenland were happiest when engaged in traditional cultural activities, which the psychologist says suggests a remedy to the social ills affecting Alaska Natives.