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3/31/14 KNBA News - Senate Finance adds $100 million to education

Proposals to increase education funding for the coming fiscal year range from the Senate's $100 million addition to the state operating budget, to the House's $25 million and the Governor's $10 million.

The AFL-CIO says it would oppose any move by Legislators to increase the minimum wage, which would take a proposed $1 an hour increase off the ballot for August, saying lawmakers did that in 2002, then gutted the minimum wage hike the following session.

Six of eleven Assembly seats, two school board seats, bonds, and proposed charter amendments are on the Municipality of Anchorage ballot in Tuesday's election.

Last weekend's Ida'ina Gathering featured a wide array of regalia - from those of lower '48 American Indians, and Alaska Natives, to those of

Hmong Vietnamese and Native Hawaiians.