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As Heard on Morning Line: Alaska Veg Fest

Koahnic Broadcast Corporation

An event coming up this weekend is promoting healthy lifestyles through dietary change - the theme is "The Transformative Power of Eating Plants" 

Alaska VegFest emcee and Alaska Vegan Society President Delisa Renideo says the differences can be profound - and it may not be as hard as you think. As part of the day-long event, she will be giving a demonstrations of some healthy and tasty recipes - including a granola she says doesn't have additional sweetener added.  Some of the concepts covered show that taking control of what you eat is really as important as the more broad choices.  

"You can have a vegetarian diet and it can be an all junk food diet,"  However, that's not what she's trying to share. Renideo says the guest speakers scheduled will help illustrate that - one of them is an MD, Dr. John Weiss, who moved his practice to a farm, and prescribes certain vegetables and natural remedies instead of a typical chemical pharmacopeia.  Another guest is Anna Luby, a lady who turned her life around after a type two diabetes diagnosis.   

For more information, check out the Alaska Veg Fest Website:

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