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Our Community - Red Cross Alaska!

KNBA keeping you in tuned with Our Community! In today's segment, Danny Preston speaks with 
Chief Executive Officer of the Alaska Red Cross,  Tanguy Libbrecht and Regional Communications Officer Beth Bennett. The Alaska Red Cross' mission is preparedness and educating everyone abut how to be better prepared for disaster. They are training people in over 40 communities across the state, which involves aid in installing smoke alarms. 10 year lithium batteries are currently being used in the installation of the fire alarms, thus increasing safety awareness and longevity of the alarm equipment. This year, the organization has goal of installing 500 smoke alarms. Next year there will be an even greater goal to achieve! The Red Cross is ultimately an organization mandated by congress to help the public in disaster. For more information, visit: 

Hailing originally from the Puget Sound region of Washington State, Danny Preston has lived in Alaska for more than 40 years. His career in radio began in 1991, and since 2004 he has hosted KNBA’s Morning Line program. He is also the station’s music director.