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7/23/14 KNBA News - Group wants advance notice of EPA actions affecting the proposed Pebble Mine

In a lawsuit alleging the Environmental Protection Agency overstepped its authority in erecting roadblocks to the Pebble Mine, the group behind the mine has requested advance notice of EPA  actions affecting the mine.

Alaska has set a record in the number of tourists visiting Alaska in the year beginning May 1, 2013.

As KTNA's Phillip Manning reports, this year's mountain climbing season saw the lowest percentage of climbers to reach the Denali summit in 25 years. Weather and a lack of preparation led to fewer successful summits, and a higher number of cases of frostbite. "In this fast-paced modern world that we've created for ourselves, everyone wants to go from step seven to step 27 and skip everything in between. Sometimes people get away with it and sometimes they don't," said long-time guide Willie Pretty.