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Summit invites fluid speakers of Southeast Alaska Native languages

About 100 fluent speakers of Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian languages are left in Alaska and Canada’s Interior. And a Southeast Alaska cultural center invites them to Juneau for an Alaska Native language summit.

Voices of Our Ancestors” will invite fluent speakers of Lingit, Xaad Kil and Sm’algyax. The three-day regional summit will be Nov. 13-15.

Sealaska Heritage Institute will cover transportation and hotel costs for fluent speakers living in Alaska.

Fluent speakers who have not received an invitation should contact Ralphenia Dybdahl at Sealaska Heritage Institute at or 907-463-4844.

The institute will videotape the summit. The footage will be available to language learners through archives at Sealaska Heritage.