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Links between cell phone, Wifi use and cancer questionable

By Joaqlin Estus

In an earlier story, KNBA quoted Dr. David O. Carpenter, the Director of the Institute of Health and the Environment at New York University at Albany, who stated, “the evidence that [cell phones and Wifi use] cause cancer in humans is very, very strong, and it comes from multiple studies, including studies done by the World Health Organization.”

That contradicts a 2014 WHO Fact Sheet on electromagnetic fields and cancer. It describes the International Agency for Research on Cancer's analysis of numerous studies done in 13 countries, then concluded "based largely on these data, IARC has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans."

It went on to say the potentially longer lifetime of exposure due to “the increasing use of mobile phones and the lack of data for mobile phone use over time periods longer than 15 years warrant further research of mobile phone use and brain cancer risk.