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KNBA News - Bill limiting who can teach sexual education to become law

July 28, 2017

Gov. Bill Walker let a bill that will restrict who can teach sex education in public schools become law without his signature.

In his transmittal letter to the Speaker of the House, the governor stated the parts of the bill on "the teaching of sexual education, human reproduction or human sexuality are controversial, and misunderstood.”

Walker said the new law won’t compel schools to withhold information on sensitive topics. “Instead it recognizes the need for thought and knowledgeable instruction on these subjects.”

The American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska issued a statement saying the legislation will make it more difficult for students to learn medically-accurate, evidence-based facts about sexual health and healthy relationships.   

ACLUA said that information is needed in a state with some of the nation’s highest rates of sexually transmitted disease, and “an alarmingly high degree of unplanned pregnancies.”. 

ACLUA also questioned the constitutionality of HB 156.