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Live In-Studio: Ukulele Russ on KNBA

Koahnic Broadcast Corporation

Live music this Friday morning on KNBA - 

Ukulele Russ is from Maine, originally, but now calls Fairbanks home - when not on tour.  Certain elements of the experience of living in one of the coldest cites in America influences his music, whether it's the timing of gigs around moose hunting season, wardrobe choices that reflect a less stuffy attitude, or some of the lyrics and witticisms included in his show.  

Russ brings humor and skill to the stage, and though his name indicates ukulele as the primary instrument, he does a one man band show with synth, keyboard and electric pickups - and at times plays with his band, the Fairbanks All Stars.  The Fairbanks All Stars bills itself as Alaska's only non-guitar funk rock group.  

While the ukulele is at times an underappreciated instrument in many areas, Russ says that recently, Australia has a renewed interest in all things ukulele.  Ukulele Russ says he's going to be headlining this year's Spruke Brisbane Ukulele Festival - for the fourth time.  The festival is only one of dozens of ukulele festivals in Australia of late - information about the festival can be found here:

Facebook video of the performance here:

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