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Acoustic Alaska Guitar Camp


Acoustic Alaska Guitar Camp August 28th - September 3rd.

"Acoustic Alaska is a wonderful get away to nurture my musical self.  One of the best 30 minutes of my life was sitting at the campfire on a comfortable Alaska evening in an audience of about half a dozen people as Lawrence Juber and Russ Barenberg jammed together. I was more entertained and fulfilled that evening than I ever remember being at a big concert in the city."-Nina from Golden, CO 
Class of 2007 - 2015


Each major class will be 75 minutes in duration and a student may sign up for up to two major & three minor classes. Major classes meet each day and will build upon the previous day's class. Minor classes meet only once during the week but for 90 minutes.


A short description of each course can be found here. Please indicate your class preferences on the enrollment form. Scheduling will be done in a way to minimize class conflicts for as many campers as possible.


Prioritize your classes carefully because courses may run concurrently and, thus, not all classes will be available in every time slot.


Detailed information on Instructors can be found here. After class, the days are filled with workshops, concerts, and jam sessions.

Loren’s been on the Radio in Anchorage for 30 years. Since the mid 80's he's worked with Anchorage radio stations including KWHL, KFQD, KKLV, and KMXS. His passion for Music and the 'Triple-A' radio format began in the early 90’s which led to him to help establish the format for KNBA when the station signed on in 1996. When not on the radio hosting a music show and interviewing local and national music acts, he may be on a long road trip or you’ll find him hanging out at his log cabin in the quiet, but bear filled hillside valley of his hometown Anchorage.