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Miles Pruner

Volunteer Host - Dead or Alive

Name: Miles Pruner

Show name: Dead Or Alive – Live Music From The Grateful Dead and Beyond
Broadcast time: Tuesday 8:00 – 10:00 pm

How long have you been on KNBA: Since 2012

Describe your show, what’s most fun for you when you’re on-air:
We play live recordings of artists in concert, very Jam-Band based, but almost no genre is beyond our reach. We love to challenge our listeners by playing versions of songs they may have never heard before as well as a mix that just might keep them guessing. You never know what we are going to play next!

First Concert: Not sure, it may have been B.B. King in Sarasota, FL in 1980.

When it comes to music genres, styles, or artists do you have a “guilty pleasure”: Okay, while I mostly love Jam-Band stuff and singer-songwriter types, I saw The Jacksons on the Victory Tour in 1984, (in Jacksonville, FL) when Michael was at his peak and I was blown away. I still love to listen to the Thriller album.

What are you up to when not Volunteering on the Radio?
When not working in my career as a Financial Services Professional, I love Alpine and XC skiing, Hiking, Fishing, Playing my guitar, and jamming with my friends in my band, Without A Net.

If you could be any musical instrument, what would you be:
My first answer was going to be a Hurdy Gurdy, because it sounds funny. But if I think about it, I would be a tin whistle because of my Scots-Irish heritage and I love the happy, whimsical nature of this instrument and that is where I am when I’m listening to music.