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Ohio teachers visit Alaska to learn about state's history


Aaron Walker and Andy Hall are two teachers of about 45 from Southeast Ohio visiting Alaska.

The contingent of educators hopes to learn more about the history of the 49th state, and bring those lessons back to their classrooms.

"We for the last seven years have been able to hear from guest lecturers, learn about history and then have a field studies where we spend about a week -- the first week in June -- where we go out and we see history in action,” said Aaron Walker, a 12th-grade English teacher. “We see these places that we talk about all yearlong and seek to benefit our students in our classroom.”

The group consists of mostly history and English instructors.

“It enabled us to just take it from a history book and teaching it through a PowerPoint to actually giving personal examples of things that we saw,” said Andy Hall, a ninth-grade history instructor. “I think it helps us understand parts of the country that without this program, we would never get a chance to see.”

The group planned to visit Seward, Talkeetna and other portions of Alaska.

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