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As Heard on Morning Line: Faces of Legacy

Faces of Legacy

Todays guest on Morning Line featured native activist and artist, Lindsay Carron. She spoke with Morning Line host Danny Preston about an upcoming art series, Faces of Legacy.

Faces of Legacy is a new art project that features 13 indigneous woman leaders from the Pacific Coast of the United States to Canada.  "I was really inspired by alot of the Alaska Native woman, especially that i've been meeting over my travels the past three years. I just wanted to take a minute and read into the things i've been learning about these woman, to honor and reflect them in my artwork," said Carron. She used a three-part formula, by conducting interviews, portrait drawing, and storytelling. 

Faces of Legacy is art in action, not only highlihgting important indigenous woman, but also becoming a part of the art itself. Tomorrow, there will be a native artist panel including Polly Andrews, Aassanaaq Kairaiuak, Phillip Charette, Torin Jacobs, Vera Starbard and Irene Bedard. For more information on how you can attend the panel, visit:

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