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As Heard on Morning Line: the Iditarod National Historic Trail!

Koahnic Broadcast Corporation
Alicia King and Steve Cleary

Todays guests on Morning Line featured the executive director of the Alaska Trails, Steve Cleary, and Public Affairs/Partnership Staff Officer from the Chugach National Forest, Alicia King. They spoke with Morning Line host Danny Preston about the Iditarod National Historic Trail.

Summer 2018 marks the trail's 40th anniversary for being deemed 'historic' by the U.S. Congress. The trail itself spans about a thousand miles, beginning in Seward and ending in Nome. While most think the trail can be primarily seen in the winter, it can actually be hiked in the summer. 

Maintenance and connectivity are the main issues that Cleary and King hope to improve. "We've had a lot of fun working with a lot of partners in pulling together projects to engage the communities around the trail", said King.

Wondering how you can become involved in improving this historic trail? Well, you're in luck. The next trail maintence event will be this Saturday, July 14 in Girdwood. Work that needs to be done ranges from treadwork, making sure the trails aren't too muddy, to making sure the slope of the trail provides good drainage. Free lunch, killer views and afterhours festivites will be provided! 

For more information, visit: and check out the volunteer events.