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As Heard on Morning Line: Situational Awareness as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month


As KNBA puts away it's phone bank and continues fundraising online, we'd like to thank the phone bank volunteers who put in so many hours for a cause they believe in. 

Thank You! 

And listeners who want to become donors, we are returning to morning guests chatting about what is happening in Our Community, but that doesn't mean you can't donate online if you want to, look for the orange "Donate Now" button above.  

KNBA's Morning Line guest today for Our Community - Robert Heffle, is the Manager of Learning and Development at Southcentral Foundation.  

Heffle shared that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and an event coming up Friday, the 13th, is centered around Situational Awareness.  

Southcentral Foundation has a program called Family Wellness Warriors Initiative, which is centered around the idea that Domestic Violence can be ended in this generation.  

Heffle says the Situational Awareness training offered at tomorrow's luncheon is part of the Men's Wellness Program, which aims to instill physical, mental emotional and spiritual wellness within families and communities.  

He also says there are more spots open for a special workshop called Beauty for Ashes, which is a five-day conference - an excerpt from their website:

"Benefits of Beauty for Ashes

  • Tools are given to help understand how past harm plays into the current ways we relate to and interact with those around us;
  • Taught how to walk alongside others who desire to resolve the pain and wounds of their past;
  • Discover healthier ways of relating to and interacting with those they care about and / or come into contact with;
  • Learn new and improved coping skills to help manage stress, pain, disappointment and hardships; and
  • Are taught how to safely enter conflict in such a way that invites healthier relationships and more meaningful and positive outcomes with others.

Importance of Beauty for Ashes

As leaders in our homes, communities and careers, it is important that we understand the lasting and long term impact that domestic violence, abuse and neglect has on those who have experienced it or are currently experiencing it.

It is important that each person be aware of how these painful circumstances can negatively impact the way we currently relate to others and the way others relate to us.

When we are able to see each individual as a person of worth and dignity and treat them as such, the result can have a profound impact that translates into healthier relationships at home, work and throughout our communities."

For more information or to sign up for one of the opportunities, Heffle advises folks to call 729-5440, or browse

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