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As Heard on Morning Line: Anchorage Museum New Alaska Exhibition

Koahnic Broadcast Corporation

A new Alaska Exhibit is opening September 15th, the product of a lot of construction you may have noticed in recent months at the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center.  

Our guest on Morning Line, Curator of Alaska History and Culture Aaron Leggett says that the Alaska Exhibition has been the same since 1986, "It's been fun to reimagine that space and exhibition... although it's in a chronological sequence, it's also thematic."  Leggett says the new displays pose the question, "How have Alaska's peoples adapted to the landscape and it's resources?"

Leggett says the theme focuses on adaptation and resources offer insights into the past as well as today's mores, such as should we protect "unspoiled" wilderness, or develop it?  

"These are questions we've had for a long time, and are relevant today."   

Leggett says one of the realities of making an exhibit about Alaskan history and culture is the sheer size of the geographic area it represents - "It's like looking at the people in Louisiana and the Dene' people of the Southwestern states like Arizona." 

Leggett says the role of the Anchorage museum has also changed with the times, reflecting the "We no longer have to be the Encyclopedia Britannica... rather we give people something to think about." 

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