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As Heard on Morning Line: Alaska Innocence Project

Alaska Innocence Project

This morning's guests for Our Community were Bill Oberly, Alaska Innocence Project Executive Director, and Board Member Kevin Tripp.  

The Alaska Innocence Project has a fundraiser film showing this coming Monday, the 31st at the Bear Tooth - Alfred Hitchcock's The Wrong Man. 

In addition to being on the Board for the Alaska Innocence Project, Tripp is a film expert as preservationist with AMIPA, the Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association.  He says the choice of the film recognizes Hitchcock's brilliance in suspense, as well as the terror of wrongful accusation and conviction.  According to Oberly, it's a narrative that is surprisingly common - for every famous case like the Fairbanks Four, there could be hundreds more like it in the Alaska justice system alone. 

For More information about the Alaska Innocence Project, check out their website:

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