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As heard on Morning Line: Spenard Jazz Festival and Anchorage International Film Festival team up

As heard on Morning Line: What does the Spenard Jazz Festival have to do with the Anchorage International Film Festival?

One festival is in winter, the other is a summer event - both happen in Anchorage, and are well-attended by art lovers in extra-tuffs, but beyond the obvious, what's the connection?

Anchorage International Film Festival Director Rebecca Pottebaum says among other things, two musicians connect the two arts - tonight, in the live presentation of Buster Keeton's Steamboat Bill Jr - at the Beartooth TheatrePub.

Miles and Karina are a musical duo - Karina handles the accordion, Miles takes care of string instruments including banjos, ukulele, guitar, with a glockenspiel and kazoo thrown in for good measure. 

The two provide the musical score for the silent film, which was released in 1928.  

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