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As Heard on Morning Line: Cascada de Flores as presented by Alaska Junior Theatre

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It's not everyday a lovely lady and a handsome gentleman play guitar and sing at KNBA - and when it does happen, sometimes it is amazing love longs with a Latin American flair. Today, Danny got to visit with Arwen Lawrenceand Jorge Liceagaof the group Cascada de Flores.  

The full group is on hand in Anchorage, and you can find them performing for all ages - offering free workshops to youth as well as ticketed concerts with the main Public Performance on Saturday April 22nd, thanks to Alaska Junior Theatre.  

The schedule can be found on the Alaska Junior Theatre Website:

Residency Activities:

Free Storytelling & Craft Event! Wednesday, April 19 4:00PM Muldoon Public Library 1251 Muldoon Rd. #158

Join performers of Cascada de Flores as they tell stories from Latin America and do a fun craft event with the kids.

Music & Storytelling Workshop on Wednesday, April 19 at 6:00PM at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts (5th Ave & G St. - Securtiy Door). Cascada de Flores will share some of the Latin American culture and beautiful music with us. The workshop is $15 per student with all ages and levels welcome. Please call the AJT office at 272-7546 to reserve your spot today!

Great for ages 5 and up
7:30 PM

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