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Who Is Your Favorite New Artist of 2016 (So Far)?

Margaret Glaspy released her debut full-length, <em>Emotions And Math</em> earlier this year and is one of our favorite new artists of 2016 (so far).
Ebru Yildiz
Margaret Glaspy released her debut full-length, Emotions And Math earlier this year and is one of our favorite new artists of 2016 (so far).

Each year dozens of new artists become part of my life soundtrack. Last year Courtney Barnett, Soak, Ibeyi, Girlpool and many more all became a huge part of my listening for the year and some wound up on my final top ten list.

This year, Lucy Dacus, Big Thief, Margaret Glaspy, Mothers, Overcoats and Weaves are all part of my everyday listening, and are all artists making a debut either with their first album, EP or very first songs.

So who are your favorite new artists in 2016, the musicians you can't stop listening to? On next week's All Songs Considered, Robin Hilton and I will talk about your picks, share some of our own and, of course, play lots of great music.

Use the form below to tell us your favorite new artist of the year, so far. This isn't just someone you'd never heard before. We're looking for musicians who just released their first songs, EP or album in 2016.

NOTE: This poll has closed. Check back later for the results.

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