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Frontier of Change: As Heard on the Radio

  Frontier of Change is a project from KNBA that will bring the voices and stories of Alaska's changing climate to the streets and airwaves of Anchorage.

Climate change is affecting Alaska more than other parts of the country – temperatures here are rising twice as fast. And the effects are serious: the coastline is eroding, permafrost is melting, and traditional animal migration patterns are changing. 

Frontier of Change gathers stories from people whose lives and livelihoods are being profoundly affected by climate change.  These stories will be made into radio broadcasts, and into special audio tours, or "soundwalks" that will guide listeners through the streets and paths of Anchorage.



Palmer and Fena Sagoonick
Keemuel Kenrud


As heard on KNBA May 3, 2016 Keemuel Kenrud, 19, is from Togiak Alaska. Here, he remembers his first moose hunt, and what it meant to him.

Roland Phillip
As heard on KNBA May 4, 2016: Roland Phillip was born in Kwigillingok in Southwestern Alaska 89 years ago. Here, he talks about the changes he's seen in his lifetime.

Peter Atchak
As heard on KNBA May 5, 2016: For 30 years, Peter Atchak was the president of Bethel Search and Rescue, a volunteer organization that responds to distress calls and looks for missing people in the Bethel Area. Here, he remembers how he decided to join that group.
As heard on KNBA May 6, 2016: Ernest Sagoonik, 75, remembers a time when he became curious about what exactly was on the other side of nearby Besboro Island…


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