Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Trump administration intends to auction off drilling rights in all federal lands of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s coastal plain in its upcoming oil and gas lease sale.

That’s according to its 83-page document  that details the terms of the sale and the timeline for bids. It comes four days after the federal government announced Jan. 6 as the official date of the drilling-rights auction.

Online Gwich’in Gathering takes action against Alaskan oil drilling

Sep 28, 2020

With the Trump administration seeking to open up Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to industry, Gwich’in communities throughout North America gathered online to reaffirm their commitment in the fight for caribou.  

Gwich’in leaders across the Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Alaska from Sept. 24-26 used a Zoom conference to provide updates on happenings across the Gwich’in nation.

One thing lies at the heart of Gwich’in tribes’ opposition to oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: caribou.

At Arctic Village’s annual spring carnival in April, men gathered around a plastic folding table for a contest to see who could skin a caribou leg the fastest. Their knives worked swiftly from knee to cloven hoof, hands tugging meat, tendon and hide from bone.

The Trump administration will soon take a big step toward drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It hopes to sell leases to companies before the end of the year.

Alaska Native issues feature prominently at hearing on Arctic Refuge oil leasing

Feb 14, 2019

At a public meeting in Anchorage on the federal government’s plan to open part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil development,