Live In-Studio: Portugal. The Man

Aug 5, 2015

Portugal. The Man performing in Kansas City, Missouri

Ok, so technically the band wasn't here in studio, but Zach Carothers called KNBA and we had a chance to chat about their upcoming concert in Alaska.  Portugal. The Man began making music in the Valley around 2000 - 2001 and Wasilla and Anchorage audience's knew them as Anatomy of a Ghost. They honed their skills in Alaska, but knew that the large West Coast cities offered opportunity for even more growth. By 2006 the band released an album on Fearless Records called "Waiter: "You Vultures!" and they immediately found new audiences. By 2009 they're playing big festivals including Bonaroo and Lolapalooza. In 2010 they sign with Atlantic Records! Now in 2015 they're working on their 8th album and touring in major markets.  

Through it all, Alaska has remained a real part of the band and their identity. In our conversation, Zach shared memories of going to the Alaska State Fair, their new connection with producer Mike D of Beastie Boys fame, and what it's like to be on the big tours!