Live In-Studio: Big Fat Buddha

Jul 21, 2017

Big Fat Buddha

Alaskan's are stereotyped to always be outdoors Fishing, Skiing, Climbing... what's wrong with that! Add local music to that list of Alaskan activities' and you're officially Alaska cool and Alaska geeky all at the same time. Big Fat Buddha is releasing their second studio album Breaking Trail and you can now provide a real soundtrack to go with your Alaska Geek. This album does a great job bringing their live stage engery and sound down to a studio production that puts you on stage with the band when spinning the album in your car or with headphones or at that summer gathering that needs to have a soundscape to match the Alaskan landscape.

Being together since 2010 the band has set a groove throughout southcentral AK venues and inspired other bands to stay home and develop our own stomping grounds and Alaska sound. You'll experience Big Fat Buddha right away with track 1, 1500 miles. From there, you'll want to see em live.

Thanks to Matt, Brad and Slodo for coming in to KNBA and sharing the new album with our listeners! Congratulations on a wonderful CD and we'll see you out there in the AK music scene.