John Jackson

Volunteer Host

John Jackson arrived in Anchorage in May, 1989. Small business owner/operator since 1990.

He happened upon 90.3 KNBA on the radio dial while working late one cold November evening in 1997, when the station has just recently began broadcasting.

John signed up to answer phones at the second pledge drive in 1998, and has been volunteering at the station and related fundraising events regularly since then.

John applied, and was approved for a seat on the KNBA Community Advisory Board in 2015, still currently serving.

He was offered an internship as a shift DJ in January 2017, weekdays during the 12-3 pm midday time slot, which John continues to cover one or two days a week when available. In June 2018, John was given the opportunity to produce and host his own show, ‘Deeper Cuts’, which can be heard the first three (or four) Saturdays per month from 7-8 pm. The show features an artist or a topic, with complimentary tunes built around that to create an interesting, eclectic hour of music not normally heard on radio these days.

John’s musical tastes are represented by virtually all the genres that are heard on KNBA. Early influences include The Beatles as a young boy, Funk while in High School, and was introduced to Southern Rock during the college years. Knowledge of various artists and their music has increased exponentially in the 20+ years of tuning in to KNBA.

John and his Wife, Ayla, live in west Anchorage. John has two adult children. Ayla and both kids have also volunteered at KNBA over the years. We love it!