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As Heard on Morning Line: SlinCraze at the Anchorage Museum

artist Nils Utsi (SlinCraze)

This morning on Our Community, SlinCraze- a Sámi hip-hop artist who is raising awareness about indigenous people and issues - dealing with racism, language revitalization and being a minority in your ancestral homeland. His work has taken him across the world informing audiences about the Sámi people, including the United Nations Headquarters in New York for the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. 

Our Guests this morning included David Holthouse, Curator of Public Engagement at the Anchorage Museum - and the artist SlinCraze himself, Nils Rune Utsi- who will be presenting at a First Friday event at the Museum called Curated Conversations.

SlinCraze is also playing a show at Chilkoot Charlie's on Saturday.  The Koot's calendar shows the show starts at 10pm, and includes SLINCRAZE, TAYY TARANTINO AND BISHOP SLICE



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