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KNBA News: Thursday, February 29, 2024

Kathleen Henry's photo is courtesy of Facebook and Veronica Abouchuk's photo was provided by her sister, Mary Dan.
Kathleen Jo Henry (left) and Veronica Abouchuk (right)

In a special KNBA News report, a look back at the Brian Smith murder trial. In the national media, the case was dubbed the "Memory Card Murders," with most of the focus on Smith's gruesome crimes and not on the two Alaska Native women he killed. Family members of one of the victims, Veronica Abouchuk, weigh in.

Rhonda McBride has a long history of working in both television and radio in Alaska, going back to 1988, when she was news director at KYUK, the public radio and TV stations in Bethel, which broadcast in both the English and Yup’ik languages.