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Lingít totem pole in Juneau taken down in 2016 finds new home

Screenshot from the Wooshkeetaan Kootéeyaa re-dedication ceremony at the State Office Building in Juneau, Alaska on March 11, 2022. This photo was one of a series shown after the ceremony showing the installation of the totem pole. (Photo courtesy of Micheal Penn)

A totem pole taken down for weather damage was rededicated at the State Office Building in downtown Juneau, which will be the pole’s new home.

Yéil Yádi Nathan Jackson carved the pole in 1980 with assistance from Steve Brown and Dorica Jackson, and the design was made with help from Yaanashtúk George Jim, Sr.

The Wooshkeetaan Kootéeyaa, meaning Wooshkeetaan totem pole, used to be located outside of Centennial Hall, but it was taken down in 2016 and put in a warehouse. Now the pole is inside.

During the rededication ceremony on Friday, Lingít Eagle leaders spoke about the pole, the artist and about their Raven opposites. Since Wooshkeetaan is an Eagle clan, to bring balance some leaders from Raven clans spoke too. They also brought out at.oow, which is clan property. Then they sang to end the ceremony.

Editor’s note: KTOO was under contract with the City and Borough of Juneau to livestream the totem pole raising.