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Submitting a Sweeper

Submitting a Sweeper or B-Liner

Interested in hearing your voice on the radio? Want to support your local Native public radio station? Submit a sweeper or B-Liner today!

What is a sweeper? A sweeper is used to ID the station with our taglines - “Alaska’s Native Voice” and “Where Music Matters”.

What is a B-Liner? B-Liners are a way to briefly identify the station and promote a KNBA show or service.

How do I submit one? Easy! Follow the guide below and hear yourself on the radio!

Step 1: Identify your recording equipment. For this we recommend an iPhone or Android capable of recording voice memos.

Step 2: Set up your recording equipment according to the guide used by NPR, linked to here

Step 3: When ready, record yourself saying any of the following scripts below. Please note, sweepers should be no longer than 15 seconds in length. And feel free to be friendly, jovial, and proud to support! Know we encourage the use of our Indigenous languages, so if you know yours and can fit it in to the time allotment, feel free! The key is to always end with one of the taglines.


1) Hi/Hello, this is Name, from (Town, community, group...). Thank you for supporting 90.3 KNBA, Alaska’s Native Voice.

2) Hi/Hello, this is Name, from (Town, community, group...). Thank you for supporting 90.3 KNBA, Where Music Matters.


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Step 4: For sending the file, be sure to share it to either or, depending on which script you use in Step 3.

Loren’s been on the Radio in Anchorage for 30 years. Since the mid 80's he's worked with Anchorage radio stations including KWHL, KFQD, KKLV, and KMXS. His passion for Music and the 'Triple-A' radio format began in the early 90’s which led to him to help establish the format for KNBA when the station signed on in 1996. When not on the radio hosting a music show and interviewing local and national music acts, he may be on a long road trip or you’ll find him hanging out at his log cabin in the quiet, but bear filled hillside valley of his hometown Anchorage.