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The Horse's Ha: Somber Folk, Dreamy Jazz

The Horse's Ha was conceived in 2002, when Chicago scene veterans James Elkington and Janet Beveridge Bean discussed forming a group to play covers for money. Starting with 20 standards, the duo gradually fazed them out in favor of original material.

The pair performed and recorded for the next several years. With the help of fellow Chicago musicians Fred Lonberg-Holm, Nick Macri and Charles Rumback, they released their debut album (Of the Cathmawr Yards) in June. On the disc, the veteran players demonstrate undeniable talent and a unique vision, finding common ground in a somber folk aesthetic and dreamy jazz rhythms. Upright bass and brushed drums glide behind spidery guitar lines and haunting vocals by Bean, while songs like "Asleep in a Waterfall" showcase the band's ability to bring together seemingly disparate styles into a cohesive and beautiful sound.

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