When the Southeast’s tribal health organization built Wrangell’s new hospital, elected officials were left with a question: What to do with the old city-owned hospital building? It’s not as simple as scrapping the facility. And at least one firm has stepped forward with interest in it.

The old, red and beige community hospital on Bennett Street sits mostly empty, nowadays, except for storing medical equipment loaned out by Hospice of Wrangell. 

Kids learn about STEAM careers at Wrangell 2021 Culture Camp

Jun 21, 2021

The mood is buzzy as we make the walk from the local Tlingit Tribe’s cultural center to Wrangell’s Reliance Harbor. Sixth-grader Devin Aleksiev is already wearing his life jacket, which he demonstrates he can put on even if it’s already buckled. 

“It’ll hurt like heck on your wrist if you have a watch on,” Aleksiev says, pausing to take off his watch. He says he likes everything about culture camp and is happy to be here.

“Just wasn’t happy when I woke up,” he adds, wryly.