wanton waste


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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Federal prosecutors in Alaska have charged four men with killing walrus gathered on the state's northwest shore last year, removing the animals' ivory tusks and leaving the meat to waste. Prosecutors say the four residents of the village of Point Hope twice caused several hundred walrus to stampede, knowing that smaller animals in the herd could be crushed. Investigators found 25 animals killed a year ago at Cape Lisburne.

April 29, 2016

Legislators to put Power Cost Equalization excess earnings to other uses

By Associated Press

House and Senate negotiators have reached agreement for use of any excess earnings from a fund set up to help rural areas faced with high electricity costs. A conference committee Thursday agreed to legislation that would allow for 70 percent of excess earnings from the Power Cost Equalization endowment fund to be put to other uses. Sen. Lyman Hoffman says the remaining 30 percent of any excess earnings would revert to the endowment.

Governor names Commissioners of departments of Administration, Education

Governor Bill Walker has named two more members of his cabinet. Sheldon Fisher, who most recently was chief operating officer at McKinley Capital Management, will become Commissioner of the Department of Administration. Long-time Alaskan Mike Hanley, a former Anchorage school district principal and teacher, will continue on as Commissioner of Education, a post he’s held since 2011.