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Our guest on Morning Line: Alicia King, Public Affairs and Partnership Staff Officer Forest Service Chugach National Forest Supervisor Office

  • She shared the Iditarod National Historic Trail and also talked about the Chugach Children's Forest.

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Our Guest today on Morning Line is an up-and-coming author, as well as a celebrated contributor in the field of communications in the Anchorage Area - Jamey Bradbury is one of this year's Alaska Top-40-Under-40 and will be recognized at an Awards Dinner April 27th at the Captain Cook  Hotel. 

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The Annual Cama-i Dance Festival wrapped up last weekend. 

The three-day celebration of Yup'ik dance traditions has been held in Bethel each March since 1993.  

Anchorage resident and Koahnic staffperson Angela Jenkins attended Cama-i Dance Festival for the first time this past weekend.  Jenkins is originally from Emmonak, and says going to the festival was amazing.  She's part of a new generation that is staying connected to traditional culture where ever they go, and is passing on those values to her daughter. 

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Executive Director of Cook Inlet Native Head Start, Ethan Petticrew, is happy about the new partnerships and pipeline for Yup'ik language immersion with the Anchorage School District, Alaska Native Heritage Center, Cook Inlet Tribal Council and Cook Inlet Native Head Start. 

However, Petticrew wants to recruit for other languages - notably Dena'ina Athabascan.  "We need two 

speakers who can talk in the classroom, as we aren't doing things the foreign language model, and at a minimum they need to have an Associates of Arts in Early Childhood Education." 

As Heard on Morning Line: Step Afrika Returns to Alaska

Mar 19, 2018
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Our guests today on Morning Line shared Step Afrika's infectious rhythms, as well as where you can see, hear, and participate - 

C. Brian Williams is the founder of Step Afrika, but says really, it started in the early 1900's, "Stepping really is an American story."

The public performance is this Friday at 7:30 at the Atwood Concert Hall,

There are also workshops happening in the community as well:

As Heard on Morning Line: Rodney's Dream Grill

Mar 16, 2018
Rodney McCord

Return of the Potlatch Fundraiser

March 17

Noon - 6pm

Atwood Center APU Campus

An event tomorrow is aiming to raise funds to revitalize a Potlatch tradition.  

After a successful event during the first week of the 2017 Alaska Federation of Natives Convention called “Decolonizing the Dream, Honoring Our Sacred Mother,” a local man is looking to continue the tradition of hosting large Native gatherings by building a huge grill.

Our guest this morning on Our Community, Roy Mitchell, has had a lifelong love of languages, and 42 years learning and supporting learners of Alaska Native Languages across the state - and now he's Research Analyst with the Alaska Native Language Preservation and Advisory Council.  

Mitchell gave us an update on House Concurrent Resolution 19 - "Urging Governor Walker to issue an administrative order recognizing a linguistic emergency" - the resolution passed the Community and Regional Affairs Committee. 

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Our guests on Morning Line today, Dr. Dan Kline and Dr. Maria Williams, want to share some good news - students at UAA this coming fall might be required to learn about Alaska Native people before they can graduate - if a proposal in the UAA Faculty Senate gets approved. 

The effort is probably the first in the Nation for a 4-year state university - and differs from requiring a single course by focusing instead on identifying courses integrating Alaska Native themed learning outcomes developed by the Alaska Native Studies Council into those courses.


The Legislative group has moved to continue taking testimony Thursday. 

Previous story: 

An action in the Alaska House of Representatives is urging Governor Walker to declare a linguistic emergency across the State: it's called HCR 19, Urging Governor Bill Walker to issue an administrative order recognizing a linguistic emergency.

Roy Mitchell, IV is Research Analyst with the Alaska Native Language Preservation and Advisory Council says a hearing at 8am on the 6th, is an opportunity for citizens to weigh in on the issue:

As Heard on Morning Line: Cook Inlet Native Head Start

Mar 5, 2018
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Our guest on Morning Line today is Ethan Petticrew, Executive Director of Cook Inlet Native Head Start. The Cook Inlet Native Head Start program has been around for several years, and opened a Yup'ik immersion program in 2015.

Listen below to hear about the newest developments Petticrew is happy to share about including partnerships with the Cook Inlet Tribal Council, and classrooms at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.