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Alaska Junior Theatre

Today on Our Community, Nick McDermott of Alaska Junior Theatre and Oscar Castillo of the Pushcart Players talked with Morning Line host Danny Preston about Peter and the Wolf coming to Anchorage.  

As per the norm, the Alaska Junior Theatre schedule this week, April 16-20, includes school performances throughout the week, and a final public show at 2pm this Saturday, April 21st at the Discovery Theatre. 

Live In-Studio: Huntertones

Apr 13, 2018
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Our guests this morning on Our Community are members of a band playing 7:30 tonight at at the Discovery Theatre - it's the Huntertones!

Who are the Huntertones? Today on Morning Line, Jon Lampley on Sousaphone, Dan White on Saxaphone and Chris Ott on beatbox. Sometimes the group is as many as a dozen awesome performers, The group is labeled Jazz, Rock, hip hop, soul fusion - well, today on KNBA the group covered Stevie Wonder, The White Stripes and more.

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Our guest today on Morning Line is Marcel Bergeron, Learning Advocate with Southcentral Foundation's Family Wellness Warriors' Initiative.  Bergeron says this week, in honor of Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention Month the midday Friday gathering will feature the Alaska Native Justice Center noon-1pm tomorrow.  

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Our Guests today on Morning Line are working on a collaborative effort filming Boarding School survivor narratives.

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  As Heard on Morning Line: Cyrano de Bergerac & the Winter Bear? Perseverance Theatre General Manager Josh Lowman and Community Engagement Officer Shirley Mae Springer Staten sharing the love of theatre and National Poetry Month!

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Our Guest on Morning Line today is Ron Spatz an Editor of Alaska Quarterly Review.

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Our Guest on Morning Line today is Lu Haukaas, Learning and Development Advisor with Southcentral Foundation's Family Wellness Warriors' Initiative (FWWI). 

She says the program has a Friday event at noon for every week of Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and this week's presentation is by a group called Priceless. 

The group will explore the connection between childhood trauma and becoming a victim of sex trafficking.

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Our guest on Morning Line, Polly Andrews is an Advocate with the Family Wellness Warrior's Initiative - 

She says today's kickoff event at Southcentral Foundation for Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Awareness Month will help spread awareness about the issue, and includes traditional Alaska Native dance groups Acilquq as well as Princess Warriors. 

The event starts at 12:30 and supporters are encouraged to wear teal and/or blue.  

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Our Guest today on Our Community, Dr. EJ R David, has authored close to two-dozen publications - but says his most recent book, "We Have Not Stopped Trembling Yet: Letters to my Filipino-Athabascan Family" is truly his most personal one.  

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Our guest today on Morning Line: Polly Andrews shared about the Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Awareness Month Commencement, April 2nd at 12:30 – an event hosted by Southcentral Foundation kicking off the Awareness Month.  

Andrews says statistics for this year show an increase of 107% in reporting of child maltreatment in the past decade - a statistic that has two sides: one is tragic in that the abuse is happening, the other is that the reporting and dialogue is happening.