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The Anchorage Concert Association came into talk with KNBA's Morning Line about its celebration of the arts, Anchorage Concerts All Access

Executive director Jason Hodges and community engagement director James Fredrick said the event will include live and silent auctions, food and drinks, and multiple artists and groups. 

American Red Cross of Alaska Regional CEO Tanguy Libbrecht and regional communications officer Cari Dighton visited Morning Line to talk about Hurricane Florence and disaster preparedness. 

DD Valkyrie is a creator and founder of Alaska Geeky Mamas, a Facebook community that provides outreach and support to Alaskan women in crisis.

"We now have women in the group from all over. We support women through abusive relationships, divorce, grief and loss, all stages of life, whether they're mothers or not mothers. We're trans-inclusive, we're extremely diverse."

The group refers to itself as the #squidsquad.


Linguistics studies major Myles Creed worked with a group to get Iñupiatun included as a language on Facebook. 

"We need Iñupiaq language everywhere. I think Facebook is just one place that the language can exist and thrive," said Myles Creed, a linguistics studies major. "To have a space where especially young people can use the language, see the language and have it represented is really going to be very useful."

Creed says other language groups want to include Yup'ik, Lingit (Tlingit, Xaad kil (Haida) and Sm'algyax (Tsimshian).

Alex France is a graphics and digital media designer from the Anchorage Museum. She says the theme for Design Week (Monday, Sept. 10 through Sunday, Sept. 15) at the museum is "design is a way of thinking, a way of looking at the world."


As heard on Morning Line: Pamyua

Sep 10, 2018

Ivan Night and Phillip Blanchett joined KNBA's Danny Preston on Morning Line ahead of Pamyua's performance at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. 

A long-time advocate for Alaska Native policies Willie Hensley is returning to the classroom this fall. He will teach a course this fall called "Alaska Policy Frontiers" at the University of Alaska Anchorage campus.

I'm Tripp Crouse, and joining me in the studio is Willie Hensley. Would you like to introduce yourself?

Willie Hensley: Good morning. My Inupiaq name is Iġġiaġruk, I was named for my grandfather. The meaning actually happens to be "like a small mountain," otherwise they call me Willie, Willie Hensley. 

Anchorage-based Iñupiaq artist Tristan ‘Agnauraq’ Morgan is a contemporary visual artist and will be showing some of her work for First Friday (Sept. 7, 2018) at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

As Heard on Morning Line: Yukon Don Tanner

Jul 16, 2018
Koahnic Broadcast Corporation

Todays guest on Morning Line featured author Yukon Dan Tanner. He spoke with Morning Line host Danny Preston about his newly released book, Yukon Don Tanner's Talkeetna Territory Papers.

As Heard on Morning Line: Faces of Legacy

Jul 13, 2018

Todays guest on Morning Line featured native activist and artist, Lindsay Carron. She spoke with Morning Line host Danny Preston about an upcoming art series, Faces of Legacy.