The Petersburg Indian Association has a new artifact in its collection, thanks to the sharp eye of local police chief Jim Kerr. The stone tool may be thousands of years old. 

Kerr came across the artifact on the beach, totally by chance.

“I was disposing of crab guts down at low tide,” Kerr said. “And while I was walking down there I saw a rock sticking up and picked up the rock and thought it looked interesting.”

Along the West Coast, there are signs that sea stars are recovering from what's known as a wasting disease epidemic that began around 2013.

Stars suffering from the disease literally melt away within 48 hours of the first sign of sickness.

Scientists once thought it was caused by a virus or another pathogen, but now they think it may actually be another sign of climate change.

A 2017 federal murder case could reach a plea agreement ahead of its September trial date.

On Monday, June 17, a federal judge approved an unopposed motion by the U.S. Attorney to extend a pre-trial deadline to August 12.

The remains of six students from the Carlisle Indian Industrial School will soon be returned to their families.

The children died more than 100 years ago at the school in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

The Task and Purpose reports that the U.S. Army was scheduled to begin the process of disinterment on Saturday, June 15.

For kids who’ve never cooked, smoking their own salmon might seem out of reach. But a teacher at Juneau’s Floyd Dryden Middle School wants his students to know it’s just another life skill they can master — and shows them how to do it.

Alaska has the nation’s highest rates of sexual assault, and the state wants to improve how it responds to people who report these crimes to the Alaska State Troopers. A researcher leading the project is asking victim-survivors in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta for help.

USPS features Bristol Bay's Tlikakila River in national stamp collection

Jun 12, 2019

If you have ever flown over Lake Clark National Park in the eastern Bristol Bay watershed, you have likely crossed Lake Clark Pass and seen the Tlikakila River flowing below. The river’s glacial waters and steep banks make for some of the most magnificent scenery in the region.

Kake tribe urges renaming Saginaw Bay over Kake War connection

Jun 10, 2019

State lawmakers have endorsed an Alaska Native tribe’s effort to change the name of Saginaw Bay to Skanax Bay. The body of water off Kuiu Island was named for the U.S. warship that laid waste to three Tlingit villages near present-day Kake in 1869.

To get a count on bowhead whales, North Slope scientists head out onto the sea ice

Jun 6, 2019

This spring, the North Slope Borough conducted a census — not of people, but of the western Arctic bowhead whale population.