Two whale researchers are raising concern over Hilcorp’s activities in lower Cook Inlet. The company is using air guns to explore the area for oil and gas. But the researchers say it will cause irreversible damage to whales and other marine wildlife.

Biologist Olga von Ziegesar played a recording of seismic air gun blasts coming from Hilcorp. She recorded the underwater noise a few miles away from the company’s vessel.

Kensington Mine eyes federal permit for expansion

Oct 7, 2019

One of Alaska’s largest gold mines seeks to extend its life by a decade.

The Kensington Mine is one of Southeast Alaska’s biggest private employers. Chicago-based Coeur Mining wants to invest in an expansion to extend operations at least through 2034.

Utqiagvik voters overwhelmingly reject soda tax

Oct 7, 2019

Early results show voters in the city of Utqiagvik rejecting a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.

An ordinance on the city’s ballot would have instituted a 1 cent per ounce tax on the sales of sodas, energy drinks and other sugary drinks.

The tax sought to discourage the consumption of these drinks, citing high levels of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay among rural Alaskans, particularly Alaska Natives.

The sight of the new one-dollar coin featuring an Alaska Native leader was met with celebration in Anchorage.

At the Alaska Native Brotherhood and Alaska Native Sisterhood Convention, the U.S. Mint unveiled Saturday the tails design for the 2020 Native American one-dollar coin.

Researchers recently disembarked  the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Healy in Nome after spending three weeks studying the Chukchi Sea and waters further north. They say there are several changes going on in Arctic waters that they don’t yet understand, so the venture was exploratory in nature.

Biologists in Alaska have again seen massive seabird die-offs this summer, or “wrecks,” as some experts call them, extending from May into last month.

The Fairbanks school board advanced a resolution to allow cultural attire at school graduation ceremonies.

The resolution which was up for first reading at a meeting, broadens existing North Star Borough School District regulatory language, which already allows some Alaska Native and other cultural dress at commencement, and spells it out in policy.

Preparations underway in Bering Strait for 2020 Census

Oct 1, 2019

Alaska Census Working Group is getting the word out about the upcoming 2020 U.S. Census, which is set to start in Toksook Bay this January. Group members like Laurie Wolf, the president and CEO of the Foraker Group, emphasize the significance of an accurate census count for Alaska.

Wildfires have burned across Southcentral Alaska all summer, and they could be transforming Alaska’s forests for the long term, according to a new scientific paper published.

Want a peek at our hotter future? Go to Alaska

Sep 24, 2019

SEWARD, Alaska — Drip. Drip. Drip.

It's the sound of one glacier melting. It’s also the sound of a whole planet careening into uncharted territory.

I am crouching by the mouth of a little ice cave underneath the Exit Glacier, a huge river of ice on the Kenai Peninsula in southcentral Alaska. Ancient ice drips from the roof of the cave onto newly bare earth. Twice in a few minutes, I hear rocks fall from the freshly exposed landscape at the glacier’s snout and decide this is not the safest place to be.