Sitka Assembly approves plan to relocate Baranov statue

Jul 21, 2020

For more than 30 years, a bronze statue of Russian colonial administrator Alexander Baranov has stood in front of one of Sitka’s most prominent government buildings. But not for much longer, following action July 14, 2020, by the Sitka Assembly. 

Broadband internet access in Alaska’s village can be difficult, spotty and, with few local options, expensive. A program from the Federal Communications Commission is giving Tribes across the country the opportunity to claim licenses that would allow them to provide broadband to their communities.

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State financial regulators have fined a Goldbelt Inc. shareholder over a Facebook post complaining of inaction by the state agency responsible for financial oversight of the corporate board.

The Elders and Youth Conference will be held virtually this year out of concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to a news release from First Alaskans Institute, the 37th annual conference will be held online in an effort to protect the health of attendees and communities at-large.

La quen náay Liz Medicine Crow is the president and CEO of First Alaskans Institute. She says that the cultural knowledge and expertise in surviving pandemics and epidemics made the choice of going virtual easy.

Researchers take on berry timing amid climate change

Jul 14, 2020

Alaska’s summer is short, but one of the ways it softens the farewell each fall is through a parting gift of delicious berries. In the late summer and early fall, Kenai Peninsula residents regularly flock to the wild lands for salmonberries, cranberries, blueberries, and crowberries and more.

NovaGold sues research firm for report on Donlin Gold Mine

Jul 13, 2020

NovaGold, one of the companies developing the proposed Donlin Gold mine, has filed a lawsuit against a short-selling research firm. That firm released a report in May opining that the proposed Donlin Gold mine would not be built, and that NovaGold was overvalued.

Tlingit cultural items could be headed back to Alaska

Jul 13, 2020

Five sacred Tlingit items could be returned to Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska. 

Washington NFL Team Retires Name And Logo

Jul 13, 2020

The Washington NFL franchise announced Monday that it will drop its name and logo immediately — bowing to decades of criticism that they are offensive to Native Americans.

Here & Now’s Tonya Mosley speaks with David Glass, a member of the White Earth Ojibwe and president of the National Coalition Against Racism In Sports and Media.

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The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that about half of the land in Oklahoma is within a Native American reservation, a decision that will have major consequences for both past and future criminal and civil cases.

The court's decision hinged on the question of whether the Creek reservation continued to exist after Oklahoma became a state.