Southeast researcher finds microplastics in Sitka mollusks

Feb 13, 2019

Researchers in Sitka have been looking at the impact of microplastics on local shellfish.

Māori delegates composed a haka -- or traditional Māori dance  -- and gifted it to Southcentral Foundation at the organization’s annual Gathering event Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019, in Anchorage. 

Seals adapt - so far - to shrinking sea ice

Feb 11, 2019

Ice seals thought to be most affected by the disappearance of arctic sea ice seem to be doing well, according to data presented at the Alaska Marine Science Sympo

Proposal to replace Marcus Whitman statues stokes anger in Olympia

Feb 8, 2019

A proposal to remove the larger-than-life statues of pioneer missionary Marcus Whitman from the Washington state capitol and the U.S.

A Southeast Alaska tribe has taken the initial steps to begin creating their own tribal court. 

Molly Mabray is a 10-year-old Athabascan girl who lives in the fictional village of Qyah in Interior Alaska.

An exhibition will showcase photos believed to be the first photos of Southeast Alaska and the Tlingit people.