Scientists from all over the world come to Nome each summer for various research projects. The first wave of studies this season included researchers from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA.

“One of the instruments that we deploy has these cameras that point up and point down. And then we put that into the water, and it sinks through the water column.”

Igiugig's hydropower launch a major step toward independence from diesel

Jul 31, 2019

The RivGen commercial generator sitting on the beach of the Kvichak River is massive: Twin turbines connected to two giant pontoons, painted bright blue and yellow and shining in the midday sun.

AlexAnna Salmon, Igiugig's village council president, is speaking on the beach in front of the device. It is the hydrokinetic generator’s launch ceremony, the culmination of years of work.

An Australian mining company has applied to the U.S. Forest Service for a round of exploratory drilling for a rare element about 35 miles southeast of Juneau.

Alaska State Council on the arts is forced to close doors

Jul 29, 2019

Editor's note: The state's final operating budget, signed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy, included funding the Alaska Legislature restored $3,869,600 for the Alaska State Council on the Arts.  

Rural Alaskans brace for impact as Power Cost Equalization funds disappear

Jul 25, 2019

It’s salmon fishing and berry picking season in Unalakleet. It’s also the first month of the new operating budget year for the state.

Right now, when residents get together to swap stories about fishing, salmonberry pie recipes and the unseasonable heat, they are also talking about the impacts of a decades-old accounting quirk that could have far-reaching impacts in rural Alaska.

Nome plant symposium finds sustenance in Indigenous roots (and flowers, too)

Jul 25, 2019

Norton Sound Health Corporation held its first ever Plant Symposium in Nome, funded by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium.

Federal prosecutors have charging a North Slope whaling captain with killing a polar bear in violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Prosecutors said Chris Gordon, 35, shot the bear outside his home in the coastal Alaska village of Kaktovik, which has become a destination for both polar bears and tourists as Arctic sea ice has melted.

One thing lies at the heart of Gwich’in tribes’ opposition to oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: caribou.

At Arctic Village’s annual spring carnival in April, men gathered around a plastic folding table for a contest to see who could skin a caribou leg the fastest. Their knives worked swiftly from knee to cloven hoof, hands tugging meat, tendon and hide from bone.

Murkowski finds EPA criticism of Pebble Mine ‘substantial’

Jul 17, 2019

The Environmental Protection Agency issued harsh assessments of the proposed Pebble Mine, and they’ve made an impression on Lisa Murkowski. But the senator says her powers are limited.

For years, Murkowski has stayed neutral on the mine itself while defending the permitting process, so her recent statements are uncharacteristically pointed.

Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center unveils Frog House artifacts in Klukwan

Jul 17, 2019

Frog House poles returned to Klukwan after 43 years in limbo. The Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center unveiled the treasured artifacts at an emotional ceremony.

Dozens of Klukwan residents and their guests filed through the exhibition rooms at Klukwan’s Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center to the beat of drums. They came to see the carved wooden poles that once held up the Frog House and a replica of the raven screen that adorned it.