Sealaska Corporation announced its biggest dividend in decades to shareholders with ties to Southeast Alaska. Thousands live in the Inside Passage and there’s a tradition to take shopping trips to larger communities. Gaps in ferry service means many aren’t able to make the trip.

Nushagak and Mulchatna could soon be a star and exoplanet 255 light-years away

Dec 2, 2019

In the constellation Cassiopeia there’s an unnamed start orbited by a colossal gas giant the size of Jupiter, star HD 17156. At 255 light-years away, it’s something astronomers call an exoplanet: a planet that’s outside our solar system. Now, the International Astronomical Union is holding a competition to give them a name — with the public casting votes for the top three finalists.

NCAI passes resolution supporting Tribes' resistance to Donlin mine

Nov 22, 2019

Another resolution against the proposed Donlin mine has passed. This time, at the National Congress of American Indians annual conference in New Mexico. This is the first time a national organization has supported tribes’ opposition of the Donlin mine.

As she prepared to speak at the conference of the National Congress of American Indians, Gloria Simeon remembered a tip from her friend, Mike Williams Sr. of Akiak.

Native American rights attorney lays out 1955 Tlingit land-rights loss

Nov 22, 2019

Walter Echo-Hawk is, essentially, a walking law library. It makes sense, given that he’s been practicing law since 1973.

He rattles off cases from memory — from the WWII-era Korematsu case that was used to uphold internment of Americans of Japanese descent, to the Dred Scott decision from 1857, when the U.S. Supreme Court held that the Constitution didn’t include citizenship for black people.

Efforts to ease conflicts over Southeast Alaska’s growing sea otter population are underway. Federal and state officials recently met with scientists, fishermen and tribal groups in Juneau to find solutions.

A hundred years ago, the fur trade wiped out sea otters in Southeast Alaska. They were reintroduced in the 1960s with 412 animals brought from Amchitka Island and Prince William Sound.

New domestic violence shelter coming to Y-K Delta

Nov 18, 2019

The community of Hooper Bay has never had a domestic violence shelter before but that is expected to change in January, 2020. At that time, shelter staff say they hope to be operating a 24/7 shelter to serve women and their children.

Bethel's Ben Charles is taking On climate change in new Inuit Circumpolar Council initiative

Nov 14, 2019

How can young people address climate change? Ben Charles of Bethel is taking on that challenge as part of a new initiative from the Inuit Circumpolar Council. He’s been named to a new group called the Emerging Alaska Inuit Leaders Initiative.

UAF radar systems offer a variety of uses for Bering Strait region

Nov 14, 2019

For years, coastal cities across the Lower 48 have been using high-frequency radar systems to monitor and track ocean currents. Now, the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) College of Fisheries and Sciences are bringing similar technology to the Bering Strait Region.

UAF researcher Rachel Potter talked about the potential benefits high-frequency radar could offer to Western Alaska.

Ivory workshop gives a place for struggling Anchorage carvers to work

Nov 13, 2019

In a cluttered downtown Anchorage workshop, Leon Misak Kinneeveauk pondered what to do with small walrus skull on an afternoon in late October.

“I think I’m gonna make a mask out of that,” he said.

For the third year in a row, the Sitka Tribe of Alaska partnered with the Forest Service to grow Tlingit potatoes. Alaska Natives have cultivated these tubers in Southeast for several hundred years. Now, the Tribe is trying to raise the profile of the crop both as an important cultural link and as a potential tool in its drive for food security.