Usually, a couple of big cruise ships would be dwarfing charter boats in Bartlett Cove on a summer day. But not today.

Cruise ships aren’t scheduled to return until late July.

Most visitors to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Gustavus visit by cruise ship. Last year, none of those tourists came. That erased more than half of the park’s operating budget since cruise visitors provide nearly 70% of the park’s revenue. After a year without them, Park Director Philip Hooge says there are moths flying out of his checkbook.

Groups seeks to put area's anadromous fish on the map

Jun 8, 2021

It’s pretty well established that Alaska has more rivers and streams than any other state in the United States — which is hardly surprising, since it’s the largest state. Exactly how many of those rivers and streams host anadromous fish, though, is still a mystery.

Anadromous fish are those that spend part of their life at sea and part in freshwater, like salmon. Trout Unlimited and the Kenai Watershed Forum are trying to solve a little more of that mystery this summer.

Sitka vigil a chance to mourn, reflect on history of residential schools

Jun 7, 2021

Following the discovery late last month of the remains of 215 children in a mass burial site at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia, an anonymous artist installed 215 eagle and raven feathers on the lawn of Sitka’s own former residential school, Sheldon Jackson.

Steve Johnson noticed the installation shortly before it was taken down.

Invasive groups control unwelcome plants and animals on the peninsula

Jun 7, 2021

While the Kenai Peninsula is relatively lucky that the ecosystems here are fairly intact, there are still a handful of invasive species making their way into the streams, fields and gardens here. In recent years, that’s accelerated due to climate change and people intentionally or unintentionally bringing in new species.

More than 11,000 people’s personal information released in Anchorage police data leak

Jun 7, 2021

Since 2019, 11,402 people have had their birth dates and driver’s license numbers published accidentally, due to a glitch in the Anchorage Police Department records system, the department announced Wednesday. 

Sea ice in the Arctic serves as a habitat for polar bears and their prey, ice seals. The ice doesn’t follow international boundaries, and monitoring the migration of these species requires access to both American and Russian waters

The leadership of Sealaska, the Native corporation for Southeast Alaska, is asking its shareholders to approve the creation of a type of tax shelter called a trust.

A bill protecting the graves of Unangax̂ people forced to live in internment camps in Funter Bay passed the Alaska Legislature on May 17 and now awaits Gov. Dunleavy’s signature. 

A state historical commission took up the task of naming -- and renaming -- some landmarks in Alaska. 

Back in April 5 2021, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Planning Commission passed a resolution to officially recognize a long-used name for a lake located about 16 miles northwest of Talkeetna.

The commission recommended calling the previously unnamed lake Daltełi – or Upper Cook Inlet dialect Dena’ina for berry buds, according to the Dena’ina Noun Dictionary.