New bridge opens access to land and economic opportunity west of Nenana

Jul 29, 2020

The mayor of Nenana and other local leaders are celebrating completion of an $18 million bridge project that will open up hundreds of thousands of acres west of town to development year-round. The leaders hope the bridge over the Nenana River will boost the area’s economy through land sales and resource development, and provide more access to hunting and fishing.

by Johanna Eurich

Alaska Native elders say it's time to stop talking about climate change and get to work. That's the message Larry Merculieff with the Native Science Commission brought to a group meeting in Anchorage this weekend.

He told members of Common Ground that Alaska Natives don't see climate change  -- they see a climate crisis. He says to solve the problems people will have to change the way they think. To explain the magnitude of the problem Murkulieff quoted a white elder... Albert Einstein.