Glacier Bay

Usually, a couple of big cruise ships would be dwarfing charter boats in Bartlett Cove on a summer day. But not today.

Cruise ships aren’t scheduled to return until late July.

Most visitors to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Gustavus visit by cruise ship. Last year, none of those tourists came. That erased more than half of the park’s operating budget since cruise visitors provide nearly 70% of the park’s revenue. After a year without them, Park Director Philip Hooge says there are moths flying out of his checkbook.

Glacier Bay National Park acquires ancestral site of Hoonah Tlingit

Oct 8, 2020

A Tribe in Southeast Alaska has won permanent protection for the site of a historic Tlingit village whose descendants claim centuries-old ties to Glacier Bay. Complex negotiation secured 150 acres that had been eyed by commercial developers.

Lichens are so plentiful in some parts of Alaska you might not even notice them. But on the ground or growing in the trees is an entire universe that scientists are still trying to understand. 

Recently, 27 new species were discovered in Glacier Bay National Park. And though they now bear the names of some influential people in the region, it’s the lichens that are the center of the story.

President Obama takes no questions from Alaska media

Sept. 4, 2015

By Zachariah Hughes, APRN

During his visit to Alaska, President Obama did not take a single question from Alaskan reporters. KNOM news director Matthew Smith traveled with the press pool to Kotzebue.